A small step as part of a much bigger battle...
We have removed the plastic wrap from our bedding packaging. The plastic packaging has been replaced with a self fabric bag, this is the exact quality of the bedding itself, so gives customers a chance to see and feel the bedding fabric and colours before purchasing. Please re-use this bag to keep your bedding in, or as a dust bag for other products. Our bedding is sold in quantity all over the world from Hudsons Bay in Canada, to Bloomingdales in America to John Lewis in the UK, so although we are an independent Scottish company, we hope by making this change, we can make a slightly bigger contribution to the reduction of plastic consumption.  This is a really proud moment for us. This has been able to happen because of several factors: our strong desire to make a positive change, the creativity of Team BBG, the support of our distributor and the backing of our biggest UK stockist - John Lewis. Without all of these components, this would not have happened, so we have all truly worked together to make this small, but positive change.

We are under no illusion that this problem goes much deeper than the products we see on the shelf, so the next step would be looking at how we can reduce/remove plastic in shipping and warehousing, this will be the next hurdle for lots of companies; how do we keep goods clean, dry and safe until they reach the shop shelves. We have lots of good ideas around this, but the industry has a long way to go… but for now we celebrate this small step for Bluebellgray.