We absolutely love seeing how our customers use Bluebellgray within their homes. After all this is the reason why we do what we do! Our whole ethos is about fresh, uplifting and modern prints to add joy filled colour into your homes.

We want people to have fun with our prints! To be bold with their combinations and to remember that it is all about what makes your home happy. 

Designing your home is a personal thing but it is always great to get some inspiration and interior design tips from others, so here are just a few of the amazing real homes we have been sent over the years from Bluebellgray customers.

Keeping It Classic

Floral curtains, a beautiful framed piece of art, a comfy reading chair in the corner - there are so many small and simple ways of making a space your own without breaking your back or bank. 

You can still have a classic interior design scheme whilst adding small pops of colour and print to make big changes to a room. Even the smallest doses of colour and print can make a big change to a room. Quilts and bedding are another great way to personalise a space without making too much of a commitment if you aren’t yet sure!

Bold and the Beautiful

We love seeing people be brave with colour, patterns and shape. One way to do this is select some key note colours from a favourite print like the ever inspiring Jay from Paint The Town Pastel

If mixing colours isn’t your thing, then using large scale patterns is another great way to make a statement in a space- such as the large watercolour strokes on our Big Pom design or one of our printed rugs. Using one or two prints like this would also be a a great way to transform a smaller space where combing too many colours might feel over powering. 

Not So Neutral

Forget what you think about neutrals being varying shades of magnolia and cream. A neutral base can in fact be a stunning canvas to display your favourite pops of print and colour and a beautiful way of creating a gentle and curated look. 

A neutral base also doesn’t mean it needs to be without colour, instead, select colours which can be a carrier for other tones and prints, helping marry them together and create unity within a space. 

We want to see YOUR Bluebellgray homes too! Either tag us on social media using the hashtag #bluebellgray or drop us an email at [email protected]