Teaching your kids how to clean their room and help out around the house is no small feat. Especially when those little ones are often the culprit behind the mess in the first place. However, teaching your kids how to clean up after themselves is an important life skill that they will need to learn sooner or later and it might even help you out in the meantime too!

The secret is to make cleaning your room fun for kids. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to do this with fun tidying up games, colourful kids’ storage solutions and more.

Room Cleaning Tips for Kids

Storage Baskets Filled with Fabric and Crayons

Before we get into some tried and tested tidying up games that your kids will love, here’s a few general room cleaning tips that will make the process easier from the get-go!

Teach them about cleaning from an early age

Teaching your little one’s about the importance of cleaning from an early age is half the battle. If they grow up know that cleaning is a part of life, they’re more likely to pick up these tidy habits faster. Plus, young kids in particular love a little bit of responsibility and letting them help you will let them feel accomplished.

Pick age-appropriate tasks

With all that being said, they are still kids after all! There are some tasks that your little one’s just won’t be able to help out with (sorry, it looks like you’re stuck with the ironing for a little longer)! If you keep your little one’s chores achievable then they’ll be more willing to do them again. For example, while you can ask your 4-year-old to put their toys in a box, you probably can’t ask them to make their bed just yet.

Invest in fun and colourful kid’s storage solutions

Kids Storage Boxes

Speaking of putting toys in boxes, investing in fun storage solutions for your kids can be a great help! If their mess has a place to go, it’ll be all the much quicker to tidy. If your kids’ toys are scattered about the house, you can get colourful baskets and storage crates that will fit into your colour scheme beautifully. And if the mess is in their bedroom, you can get kids storage boxes that look like toys – all the more incentive for them to use them!

Choose one task at a time

We all know that kids’ attention spans can be a little short at the best of times, so asking them to tidy a whole room at once just isn’t going to work. Instead, pick one task at a time to keep it short and sweet!


Rewarding your little ones for good behaviour is a well-known parent tactic and it works for tidying up too! Switch things up and reward them with their favourite bedtime story, extra screen time or anything you know that will incentivise them. Choose whatever you know they’ll respond to!

Cleaning Games for Kids

A Kid's Basket and Toys

Even if you try all of the advice above, there will still be times when your little one just wants to make more mess instead of cleaning it up. That’s where these tidying up games can come in handy.

A race

This is great for you to get involved in too. Set a task and the first to finish wins! For example, ‘the first to put all their Lego in its box wins’.

Race against the clock

Set a timer and pick a task. Your little ones now need to race against the clock to finish the task before the timer goes off. For example, ‘you have two minutes to tidy all the jigsaws.’

Hide and seek

I mentioned earlier that rewards are a great way to motivate your kids to clean their room. Try hiding some sweet treats or new small toys in amongst the mess and if they tidy up properly, they’ll find the prize!

Let the music play

This last idea is less of a game and more of a simple way to make cleaning more fun. Blast yours and your little ones’ favourite tunes and have a boogie whilst you’re cleaning. It’ll make the chores more exciting for you too!

At the end of the day, as all parents know, there’s no real easy way to teach kids how to tidy their room. However, these storage tips and tidying up games really do help to make cleaning more fun for little ones!

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