Our Feel Good Picnic Ideas

Picnic season is calling and with lockdown restrictions finally easing across the UK we are more than ready for a Summer full of celebrations!

We might not always get the weather in Britain but that won’t stop us from grabbing our picnic baskets and meeting up with our friend’s for a long overdue catch up. Bring on the the drinks, nibbles and games! 

Come hail or shine, a family gathering, or a Prosecco catch up with the girls, we have all the tips and tricks you need to plan the ultimate Summer picnic.

Location, Location, Location

First things first, you need to pick your location. Parks are the obvious choice but also often the busiest. If you’re trying to avoid the crowds why not venture slightly further afield? 

Whether you live in the country or city, we are lucky in Britain to be surrounded by lots of stunning scenery. If you have a car, then your picnic options are pretty broad! However, the getting there can be just as much a part of your day out as the picnic itself, so why not try some eco friendly travel alternatives by jumping on a bike, train, bus or even boat if you are lucky enough to live by water!

If you prefer to stay closer to home and don’t mind hosting, why don’t you hold a garden picnic? You’re guaranteed to have a peaceful picnic spot, plus with your kitchen nearby you don’t need to worry about transporting food and drinks.

Don’t let yourself be put off by bad weather either! There are lots of options out there for gazebos and out door heaters. We also think piles of cosy blankets are a picnic essential so you can carry on enjoying yourself until the wee hours. Perhaps grab a few umbrella's too just incase! And if the weather turns really bad, then an impromptu living room picnic can be a pretty magic alternative too. 

If you’re feeling extra celebratory, you can even invest in some feel good party decorations to decorate your garden with - hang from the washing line or a gazebo, attach to trees or tie on to your dog (if they’ll let you!). 

Picnic Essentials

No picnic would be complete without a classic picnic basket. Our range of unique hand woven wicker baskets are ethically sourced, stylish and sturdy. Perfect for loading up all your picnic goodies. Pop a few ice packs in as well to help your food and drinks stay chilled. 

Our tote bags are great alternative, or addition, to your picnic kit - roomy enough to hold all your essentials, they have double stitched handles large enough to go over your shoulder and a nifty inside pocket, making them the ultimate day out accessory.  

We also recommend that you invest in some reusable tubs and non breakable plates and cups. They’re a better choice for the environment and will save you time and money in the long run. Remember too that thermal containers can keep things hot and cold - this includes your reusable coffee cup! Keep your homemade dips perfectly chilled or even keep some sneaky sausages piping hot for the perfect sandwich. 

Finally, the finishing touch to your perfect summer picnic - a picnic blanket. Depending on the size of picnic, you might only need one large blanket, or you can create an eclectic bohemian look by layering up multi-coloured throws and blankets and piles of cushions so that there’s space for everybody to sit comfortably. 

Hand painted tablecloths work just as well on grass as they do on your kitchen table. With gorgeous florals and patterns, you and your picnic guests will love the extra effort you’ve made. We even have matching napkins to complete the dreamy look. Our oil cloths would also be a great addition either for a special kids blanket or for that particularly messy friend who will inevitably knock something over (we all have one). 

Picnic Food & Drink Ideas

Picnic food is often best kept simple but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress your friends with your cooking skills and now is the perfect time to show off all the new recipes you learned in lockdown. So crack out your recipe books the night before and see what foodie delights you can whip up.

Why not really show off and add an extra special touch to your sandwiches with some homemade sourdough bread, this recipe is the most foolproof and simple we have found yet. If baking bread sounds like slightly too much effort… then this simple biscuit recipe decorated with edible flowers takes no time at all. 

Don’t forget about drinks! Perhaps you’re cheering to some Prosecco with the girls or having a carton of juice with the kids, don’t forget to pack plenty of water too. Using fresh fruit as ice cubes is a good way off keeping your drinks colder for longer, without watering them down by using ice cubes, it also means you have an extra snack for after too!

Those are our top tips for planning the perfect Summer picnic. Happy picnicking! Have you had your first picnic this year yet? Let us know over on Instagram, we’d love to hear from you!