Mixing and Matching Cushions Like a Pro

27th June 2016

We're big fans of Suzanna Salk's book Decorate Fearlesslyand we like to think that we apply that approach when it comes to our studio and our own homes. Here are a few of our top tips to make your cushions pop, wherever you put them!



Don't be scared to use completely different patterns together - pick out some common tones to mix florals with geometrics, stripes and classic patterns and still pull together a really cohesive scheme, as in Fi's home above.


Our brand co-ordinator Carrie uses the sofa as the base for pulling together a range of coloured cushions, picking up the various tones creating an eclectic cohesive look.

Got a pesky rogue colour drawing your eye? Balance it out by adding in another element in that colour just like we did here with our Lomond cushion and Sanday Cerise throw.  Lomond's shocking pink stripe is so fun amongst all the pastels and pairing him with the co-ordinating throw balances the space perfectly.



There's nothing we love more than mixing textures to add depth and interest to a space. Bring balance to a room by contrasting rich, smooth velvets with a rougher and more rustic linen like our Kirkcaldy - here, the cushions are anchored together by the pompom trim and the pop of yellow they have in common. Don't feel constrained by texture - instead, use it to add interest and variety.

Kirkcaldy-Velvets-1edit nevis-cushion-collection-FULL-bluebellgray


Back to that same theory of pulling everything together with anchor colours! Pick a colour story, below we have taken two blue and turquoise cushions, Teal Paintbox and Cameron, that might not necessarily look as though their tones would match, but the addition of the Knapdale throw with the bright blue unites both cushions, ensuring they sit well together.



Whoever said, 'Go big or go home' would have fitted in very well to bluebellgray studio.  There's nothing we love more than parking our behinds on giant floor cushions for impromptu meetings.  Don't be afraid of scale, supersize your cushions and layer them up to create a playful, bold statement.

We hope you enjoy mixing and matching your own cushions fearlessly - please get in touch if you would like any styling advice from the bluebellgray team!