We're delighted to introduce Glasgow based artist, Amy Mae. Amy is the force behind the creative platform 'Who Art Thou' and makes the most beautiful, on trend concrete planters! We chatted with Amy to find out more about her creative journey so far...

  • How did you begin your creative journey? My parents are both creative forces so I guess I started my journey long before I knew it, so it was no surprise I went to Art School and graduated in Fine Art. As I think so many graduates do, I was left a little overwhelmed, I continued to work in hospitality and developed my creative practice more commercially, building up my bank of exhibitions, collaborations, and commissions. In 2015 I moved to Glasgow and had the opportunity to jump in the deep end, I chose to dedicate a full year to being self-employed and so Who Art Thou was born!


  • What led you to work with concrete? I've always been drawn to industrial materials, for many years I worked with sheet metal, mainly brass. In recent years I became more and more interested in 50's Brutalist architecture and felt the revival of concrete in homeware and fashion. I love learning new processes and so I started to experiment with concrete and cement, it wasn't plain sailing but it was rewarding once I began to see results.




  • Tell us a little about your process. Many of my designs start with sketches which I turn into digital drawings, experimenting plays a huge part in my process, sometimes it's quicker than others! With mockups and samples in mind, I develop my master copy which I then use as the bench mark to reproduce each piece of the same standard before it's ready for retail.


  • What is a typical day like for you? There's never a dull moment being a one woman band! From designing to producing, from marketing to trading, the list goes on and I love the variety. I certainly have strengths and weakness in business, however, Glasgow is alive with talented designers and makers, they are a constant inspiration for me and keep me focused on a daily basis. When it's time to switch off, I like to cook for my loved ones.




  • We love your use of colour! Do you find yourself drawn the same colour(s) when creating a new piece? My mum is a textile designer so I was brought up with all things 'Liberty'. The history of colour and complex colour-ways in a repeating pattern dominated my foundation, however, ironically my work is generally a more muted, monochrome palette with considered pops of colour, in particularly grey and mustard. It's such a pleasure working with Bluebellgray and collaborate to offer this exclusive pigment workshop, it's taking me back to my roots and a more playful palette!


  • Tell us something you love about Glasgow. I love the arts and social scene of Glasgow, wherever you are in the city you're never too far away from art, music and a good coffee shop!