Jessica-Light-Q-2Medina Tie-Back
We're excited to present our collaboration with talented trimming weaver, Jessica Light. Jessica has been creating beautiful, handmade tassels and tie-backs for over 25 years and we love featuring them in our photography each season! We caught up with Jessica to find out a little more about her career and what led her to become one of Britian's last working trimming weavers.
  • It’s incredible that you are one of Britains last working trimming weavers, what inspired you to work in passementerie? I had never heard of passementerie until one of my tutors at college, who knew I wanted to continue hand-weaving when I graduated, suggested I contacted one of last 3 passementerie factories in London.  I was offered a job at Wendy Cushing, who trained me and my dairy entry on my first day there says 'I loved today. I think this is my job'. That was over 25 years ago. I now feel it's really important to keep these skills (which go back to the 15th and 16th centuries) alive as they are in danger of dying out and that keeps me going.


Jessica-Light-Q-1Jessica's Studio
  • How did you begin your creative journey? I've always made things - even as a child I was always sewing, knitting, and even had a toy loom (which I still have), so it was just a natural progression to go to art school and then into the creative industries.
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  • Which challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? There are many challenges running a small creative business. It's like juggling and I do about 10 different jobs from designing to making, PR and marketing to packing. It certainly isn't 9-5 and sometimes I work 14 hour days 7 days a week. I had no business experience so have had to learn as I went along- a lot of trail and error. Everything is very hands on and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming but good organisational skills, tenacity, and jumping any hurdles however high rather than giving up when things seem too difficult has always stood me in good stead.
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