Tanaka The Detoxifying Bar Soap

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A great facial soap for oily, acne prone skin as well as an all over body bar to detoxify your skin. Key Ingredients: Activated Charcoal: highly toxin-absorbing, known to deeply clean pores and detoxify the skin. Bentonite Clay: an ancient remedy used to detoxify skin, remove toxins, chemicals and impurities from the body. Bentonite clay forms from volcanic ash and contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Tea Tree Oil: antiseptic and anti-Inflammatory properties from the tea tree essential oil gently cleanse your skin and helps clear spots. TANAKA Soaps started as a niche hobby and has grown to a small company producing handmade natural soaps. The mission is to create plant-based products to benefit and improve skin health whilst cutting out the usually unavoidable consumption of plastics from store bought shower gels and liquid soaps. TANAKA Soaps are handcrafted from scratch using the traditional cold process method and left to cure for 4 - 6 weeks. Each bar is specially formulated with key ingredients intended to calm, soothe and heal.
  • Tanaka Detox soap bar
  • Contains tea tree and activated charcol
  • All bars are cut by hand and weigh approx 100g
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