We're extremely proud that our bedding ranges sold in the UK and internationally* are carbon neutral and we thought it was about time we did a little shout out about it!

Naturally the environment is very important to us at bluebellgray - the welfare of mother nature is a big deal (she gives us all those beautiful flowers after all).  We searched to find the perfect partners to manufacture our collections and are rather chuffed to be working to create bedding with the very best in fabric and printing qualities whilst being environmentally friendly.  Powered by the sun and all emissions offset by carbon credits from major natural power projects, the bedding collections help us truly sleep easy.

We're delighted to have taken the first step and look forward to a continued good relationship with mother nature - check back for details of other products and projects in the future.

*All our carbon neutral bedding displays the logo you see above - keep an eye out for the tree!