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  1. How to Design the Perfect Home Office and Boost Productivity

    How to Design the Perfect Home Office and Boost Productivity
    There are two types of people when it comes to working from home – those that love it and those that hate. However, no matter what side you’re on, we’re all likely to experience some form of work from home fatigue at one point or another. With the dark Winter days lingering on and not much sign of many of...
  2. Art With Bluebellgray

    Art With Bluebellgray
    A couple of weeks ago we started #artwithbluebellgray over on Instagram as a way of encouraging both kids and adults alike to get creative with Fi and her two boys. We've loved seeing your wonderful creations, we've got so many talented customers and followers!  We wanted to share a few images here to hopefully inspire lots more people to join...
  3. Desktop Days / 15

    Desktop Days / 15
    Add a dose of Summer colour to your desktop and phone screens with our new screensaver! The 'Play' design is inspired by patterns found in collected textiles and soft geometric shapes, painted on a dusty coral background. The inky watercolours and chalky pastel hues create a playful and contemporary print in homage to the bold cut outs and colour work of Matisse...
  4. Desktop Days / 14

    Desktop Days / 14
    With Spring just around the corner (yay!) we thought it was time to share a new screensaver with you all! Introducing 'Sanna', a new floral for SS18. Featuring oversized florals and inky transparent tones 'Sanna' has got us dreaming of brighter, sun-filled days. Download our new screensaver here  
  5. Desktop Days / 13

    Desktop Days / 13
    It may be autumn but we're still dreaming of bright, summer florals. Our new 'Majorelle' screensaver is just what we need to brighten up our desktop and mobile screens! Download here Download here.
  6. Desktop Days / 12

    Desktop Days / 12
    Add a dose of summer colour to your phone and desktop screens with our new 'Cactus' screensaver! Inspired by the Majorelle Garden in Morocco, the Cactus design features a vibrant colour palette of the inky blues, coral pinks and bright teal shades. Download here Download the 'Cactus' screensaver here  
  7. Desktop Days / 11

    Desktop Days / 11
    Update your desktop and phone screens with our new 'Catrin' design, featuring splashes of deep blues, greens and pinks! Download our new screensaver here Download our new screensaver here
  8. Desktop Days / 10

    Desktop Days / 10
    Spring is almost here and we couldn't be more delighted! It's the perfect time to update your desktop and mobile screens to something a little more colourful. Our new screensaver ties in perfectly with our most recent collection and features one of our signature florals, Bluebell Woods. Download our screensaver new here Download our screensaver new here

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