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  1. The Colour Pink

    The Colour Pink
    This week we want to share our love of the colour pink with our new 'Treslaig' design. Fi created 'Treslaig' using a variety of mixed materials including pastels and vibrant paints, after experiencing the incredible colour sensory in Marrakesh. The fluorescent pink brush marks combined with the flashes of yellow create a statement, uplifting work of art. Shop our Treslaig products here Shop...
  2. The Colour Pink

    The Colour Pink
    Continuing our love of the colour pink, we have rounded up our new season pink fabrics including; Kippen Rose, Murran and Fairlie Dusty. Each fabric is ideal for curtain making and domestic upholstery, making them perfect for adding a dose of springtime colour and pattern in to the home! Which is your favourite? Kippen Rose fabric, Jessica Light Cerise tie back Fairlie...
  3. The Colour Pink

    The Colour Pink
    We created a Pinterest board to house all of our favourite pink images! Everything from pink cars to pink cake and everything in between, discover it here (Image saved from (Image saved from
  4. The Colour Pink

    The Colour Pink
    Continuing our love for all things pink with our chunky knitted Sandy throw! Available in vibrant cerise pink, it makes a real design statement in the home. Shop our cerise pink Sanday throw here.
  5. The Colour Pink

    The Colour Pink
    Continuing our love for all things pink, we thought we'd share our obsession with Tombow Irojiten pencils, specifically the colour 'Plastic Pink' from Vol. 7 - Florescence set. This colour is the perfect shade of neon pink!
  6. The Colour Pink!

    The Colour Pink!
    I love the colour pink, I always have (pretty sure the Christmas I got the pink care bear with the rainbow on his tummy was the best ever ;), and sometimes I wonder if there is another colour out there that sparks such intense discussion and debate and why pink gets such a hard time as a colour? All the...

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