Cait rug

We're so pleased to introduce our first ever rug collection!  Bluebellgray's signature painterly floral and abstract designs in oversized watercolour brushstrokes and a fresh colour palette make a beautiful design statement and we're rather excited about them...

In order to achieve the perfect painterly look we've been on a bit of a journey; it is so important to us that all our products truly capture the heart and soul of Fi's original watercolours which are hand painted in the Glasgow studio.

We took the decision to make the rugs with Dutch company Brink & Campman because they were able to offer us an innovative way to produce a quality wool rug whilst retaining the beautiful watercolour qualities of Fi's originals.  After working with different wools to find the correct blend, B&C found a majority New Zealand pure wool blend to best take the inks.  In fact we believe these rugs to be the first in the world to be digitally printd onto pure wool!

The rugs are woven on B&Cs Axminster looms and the finished product looks and feels almost exactly like a hand-knotted wool rug whilst the innovative printing techniques capture the essence of the original watercolour brushstrokes and qualities that are so synonymous to bluebellgray.

Bluebellgray rug's are our favourite new addition to the bluebellgray family and we hope you love them as much as we do!  The tricky part is choosing a favourite...

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Take a peek at our Abstract rug in this Dutch homes & interiors segment
(bluebellgray feature at 2 and a half mins)


Abstract rug

Teal Paintbox rug

Christine rug

Prussian rug

Photography by David Cadzow