Painting has always been my first love- I started my art school career in the Fine Art department before transferring over to the design department and specialising in printed textiles. People know me these days mainly for my watercolour painting but painting on canvas with acrylic paint is also a big part of what I do and these paintings are often the starting point for fabric designs within my collection. I love painting BIG! It sounds funny but I’m less intimidated by a huge blank canvas than a small one and translating the canvas in to fabric to really make it feel like the original painting is always my aim.

Over the years since setting up Bluebellgray, I’ve been asked many times about my original paintings and whether or not they are for sale. The difficulty I’ve always had is my paintings generally get turned in to my designs and fabrics and for copyright reasons that means I have to keep hold of the original paintings (I have a big archive I keep in a beautiful old plan chest) so over the years I’ve rarely had pieces available for sale. But I’ve always wanted to produce a range of originals for sale, it has been something I’ve wanted to find time for and to find a good route to sell them- I always think it's great to be able to view paintings in real life and even better if you can talk to the artist about the work.
So, in the New Year, I will be producing a range of original paintings for sale which is something I am very excited to make time for. Running and building the business over the years (and the rollercoaster that comes with that!) means sometimes painting-time has been difficult to find, so with the support of my amazing team to keep the BBG engine running, I’m going to hole myself up in my studio for a couple of months and get painting!
I also have a plan for how to show the paintings, so you will be able to view and buy them in real life as well as online. Watch this space, I cannot wait to tell you more about that!
In the meantime I’ve created a new range of giclee art prints for sale (which you can see here) based on some of my latest paintings. I love these prints, I think they are the next best thing to an original and I love the bigger (85cm x 85cm) size, it's a real ‘piece’ for your walls. The quality is BEAUTIFUL and I hope they give people who have been asking for more Bluebellgray art for their walls exactly what they are looking for.
...and watch this space for the original paintings and my exciting news in the New Year for how you can buy and see the pieces in real life!